Who are we?

Protect Your Kids was formed with one main objective....

We want to reduce the amount of children left in financial hardship due to the loss of a parent. The simple fact is far too many parents do not have cover when they pass away. As parents ourselves, we came across some very scary stats that we would like to share. All stats are sourced from finder.com

There are 1.5 million fewer policies in place than last year. This means there are more children without protection than there was last year so the problem has gotten worse.

  • Over 65 children a day in the UK lose a parent they financially rely upon.
  • Astonishingly, 42% of people with a mortgage in the UK do not have life cover.
  • £14.5 million was paid out every day in 2018.
  • 8.5 million eligible people still do not have life insurance, many of whom have young children that rely upon them financially

So what happens to them if you pass away with no cover? It doesn't bear thinking about.

So step in Protect Your Kids!

Our founders have a clear objective to protect as many UK families as possible against the financial hardships associated with losing someone. Our employees are all trained to listen and understand your fears and worries when it comes to your family, and to find you the best policy to suit your needs. We understand that everyone's needs are different and can provide you with all your options, tailored you what you require.

Our customers are not simply just numbers. Each one is a mother or father who has protected their family. But we need to protect more so we continuously invest in our company to employ more staff to protect more families.

We operate an advisory service so we will provide you with all your options and allow you to make an informed decision, as well as using our product knowledge to ensure you get the best value within your budget.

Our promise to you

  • Honesty - as an FCA regulated company, we are legally required to give you accurate and honest information.
  • Compassion - many of our customers have enquired because they have recently suffered loss. Our agents understand that and will always do their best to help
  • Free - we don't charge you a penny for arranging your cover. We are paid by the insurers and only if you stick with them, so it is in our interest to find you the best deal that you're happiest with, and you don't pay a penny for our services!
  • Variety - we offer products from a panel of the UK's leading insurers. We will find the right one for you!
  • Data protection - we will never pass your details to any other companies other the the insurer that you take a policy with.
  • Peace of mind - protecting your kids will be a weight off your shoulders. We will take that worry away.
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