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Life is complicated enough. Life insurance doesn’t need to be. ProtectYourKids was founded with one mission – to make life insurance simple and protect as many families as possible. Founded by parents for families. No hidden charges, no overseas call-centres – just friendly, impartial assistance from an experienced team of local life insurance brokers based in Bournemouth.

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We make the entire process quick and painless. You can be insured in minutes, starting at as little as £5. Here’s how:

Questions? Here are some frequently asked ones

1How much does it actually cost? is free to use. Our agents time is totally free too. We’ll NEVER charge you for our service!Life insurance can cost as little as £5 a month – and the price never changes or gets more expensive over time. Flat pricing, great stuff.
2Does life insurance actually pay out?
Fair question. We only find you quotes from authoritative, regulated FCA authorised Insurance Agencies. These firms are big!The UK Government protects you from getting ripped off by legitimate agencies offering insurance services. So we always work only with regulated companies.Here’s the thing – when you fill out your application and speak to the agents – you’ve got to be 100% honest.The only way an insurance agency can renege on payout is if you were dishonest when you signed up.So make sure you’re entirely honest in your application, and your payout will be safe and secure.
3How does ProtectYourKids make money if it’s free?
Well the way it works is that we find you the best possible quote for your circumstances.The better we work for you the more likely you are to go with what we find, obviously.When you accept that quote, the insurance carrier gives us a commission for helping to secure your life is interested in getting you signed up with the best life insurance terms for you, we won't pressure you into a £20 term when a £5 term will do.For us the experience is the most important facet of our relationship. So from start to finish our goal is to ensure you get insured for the most suitable deal, with the best insurance carrier for you, and that you're happy with the result.
4Are your insurance partners trustworthy?
They absolutely are! You can trust all of them. Every single one that we work with is FCA Authorised which is a lengthy process that Insurance companies in the UK have to go through in order to operate legally. They have a duty of care to their customers, and will treat you fairly as required of them by the UK governing body.We also drop any insurance provider that does perform well in the annual insurance rankings. Our reputation matters to us, and so we won't work with any carrier that doesn't provide a user experience in keeping with the high standards we set for ourselves.
5Why get life insurance?
Look there’s no good way of saying this. Death is an inevitability, and when it happens and you have children, there is a horrific process that follows.Aside from a grieving family, and the need to make arrangements for a funeral and settle affairs. The family income is diminished by the loss of a parent, in some cases by a minority portion, in other cases more or less entirely.So they’ve got all of the existential issues to go through but on top of that they have the uncertainty of paying off a mortgage, or finding income month on month to keep going.It’ll be a bad situation no matter what happens, but without life insurance the entire situation is compounded immensely.So life insurance is a safety net – it protects the hard financial stuff so that the emotional well being of your kids can take front and centre.If something happens to you before your cover ends, your life insurance will payout a lump sum to your family to help cover the financial loss that follows.For such a small amount per month it really is worth the peace of mind and protection for your family.
6The form asks if I smoke, why?
The reason we ask this, is because insurance companies want to know this. They have actuarial teams that consider things like smoking in their calculations in order to produce their quotes. Smoking is bad for you, you know it and they know it.Bad things happen to your body when you smoke, which massively increase the risk that you’ll die before the life insurance cover ends.Insurance companies need to know this to factor in their quotes, so we ask it too. We know this might tempt you to answer that you don’t smoke. But we strongly advise against that, because if the insurance finds out that you lied, they may invalidate your cover – even after you’ve died. Don’t risk it.
7I don’t want to speak to someone, I’d rather just do it all online!
Yeah we get it, even though we make the calls quick and painless, we understand that talking on the phone is not as quick as clicking a few buttons and signing up.However life insurance isn’t like insuring a car. The regulations are far more stringent and the sums that are paid out are massive and you’re making a monthly commitment to the insurer to pay them for years and years (unless you choose to cancel the insurance – which they all let you do).As a result of this, life insurance companies want to have an audio recording of the conversation and your agreement and responses, as well as to ensure you are who you say, in case of disputes down the line.But we’d like to point something out too – the agents that ring you to quote you are experts, they get insurance for parents, they know the industry in and out, and they aren’t married to a specific insurance company. That human element lets you and the agent work to get the absolute best quote for you to cover your family.So chin up, take the call, it won’t take long and the process is totally painless!